Missions This Weekend

I am sitting in my apartment sipping down a cup of coffee (french vanilla silk). I am coming to life after a restless night of sleep. My friend and I’ll have decided to head to the Mission Mountains today for a back packing trip. I do believe that we are planning the be in the Panorama Peak area.

What does this mean? Well I am charging the camera battery as I blog because I need to dust off my picture taking abilities for this trip. We are heading into a awesome area for beauty and magnificence.

I just turned off the TV and the coffee has begun its work. I have everything I need to sustain myself in the wilderness spread out on the floor and I need to start packing it into the back pack. It is amazing that it will all fit. the only part I don’t like is adjusting to hiking with 50 plus extra pounds on my back.

Have a good weekend everyone and feel free to communicate!

Your Thoughts

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