Blue Point Trail Tonight

Sipping on a cup of coffee this morning as I wake up and see for the first time cloud cover I think to myself, “Its Thursday”. We have had bad luck on Thursdays although last Thursday was magnificent. Today we are riding from the top of Lincoln Hills Drive and will ride up the Blue Point Trail a ways! Last night I rode route 12 out of fort Fizzle on a relaxing spin aboard the road bike. I am really loving the hot weather.

In fire news the Bearmouth fire (just East of Missoula) in getting pretty serious and is not even in the early stages of being contained yet. I hope they don’t close I90 as that would make for a huge trip on Saturday as i go to Kings Hill Pass for a mountain bike race.

This weekend is race number 5 of the Montana Off Road Series and is being held at the Showdown Ski Area . At first I was thinking Great Falls but now that I look at the map it will be to Helena and then North East to Kings Hill pass. Should be fun. And to mention fun … as soon as I get back Paul, Lucy, and Niko will be landing in Missoula so I have to rush to get back.

Speaking of rush to get back … id better run off to that societal jail called “WORK”.

Today in history.

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