Packing On The Oatmeal

Here I sit, gingerly, sucking down the last of my Cream Of Wheat in my basement apartment making decisions. I am making decisions on when I should try to get on the bike again. I could go to tonight's Thursday Night Ride but then I would have to stand all the time and not sit down … because I cant!

Yesterday I took it easy and just lay around with oatmeal packs trying to draw out the poison that is keeping me off the bike. This morning it does seem to be a little better and even not as infected and swollen as yesterday. So I am hopeful.

This weekend is race # 4 in the Montana Off Road Series which has been a disaster so far. Apparently I only got .5 point for my first place (age category) win in Billings and only .5 point for my big blow up effort in Anaconda . Last weekends race in Bozeman will not yield any points either. I really expected to be in the top 5 at this point. So that is why this weekend is so important. But now this!

So what to do … I guess Ill wait and see what happens tonight. At the very least I would like to show up and say hi to every-one. Maybe Ill hike what they ride, but for now I am dreaming of going riding and standing the entire way … like a muscle endurance workout.

Your Thoughts

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