Race This Weekend

It is supposed to rain today and in a big way but for now the morning is peaceful and the usual routine has me chomping down cheesy eggs and preparing for work. Last night”s On-line Meeting here at the Web Lodge had a decent turnout last night at around 5 chatters during one point. Most of the discussion was about this weekends up and coming Montana Series Mountain Bike Race at the Discovery Ski Area.

The plan is to camp out near Georgetown Lake and do th race on Sunday. I think Ill actually want to leave town on Friday. Last weekend a bunch of friends and myself went down the Bitterroot to the Warm Springs Trail. The trail is somewhere near Sula and I don”t want to be to specific because while the trails here in Missoula are well known I would like to keep the jewels of our neighbors off the web. Its our little playground! The trail was very technical but with great rewards 5 miles in.

Future plans are to actually do a bigger ride and find out just how far one could ride into the Selway.

Your Thoughts

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