Beetle In Peril – Looking Back

I am sitting at Break Espresso, the sun is out, and we are above zero. What a nice day today is going to be. I am just getting done uploading some more photos. This batch is from three different situations. Woods Gulch Hike, University Mountain Hike, and the ever-famous Beetle In Peril.

The first set is from a hike Marcy and I did up Woods Gulch. This hike took place because the other roads to other trailheads were inaccessible because of ice. I got halfway to Blue Point enjoying great snow before turning around.

The second set is from a night hike up University Mountain. The hike is awesome because at the top is a beacon and it gives off an eerie signal when the weather is just right.

The last two photos are from when I almost took the beetle down a drop off at the South Fork of Lolo Creek. This was done as I tried to go hiking up to Lolo Peak.

I hope the world has a nice day. I need to get out so I can be back in time for the biggest race in the Olympics. The team relay in the Nordic genera!

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