Blogging from the Trail

Well, here I am at the trail head a little behind. I must hump it up University Ridge if I am going to catch the sun rise. Its 31 degrees with Inversion in the valley. Marcy is with me and anxious to go.

7.14 am : It has become apparent I don't need snow shoes so I am taking them off along with my warm clothes. The breeze seems warm and it is like spring and I start up the south ridge from the upper jeep trail directly north of the upper parking lot. Must get going … here comes the sun. The Christmas lights give the cloud quilt over Missoula an interesting glow.

7.58 am : I have not at the top, only 600 feet to go. I am setting up for some sunrise shots. There is a huge storm system sweeping over the Bitteroot and heading towards me. The sun is supposed to rise around 8:15 but it is very light out now and has been so for 30 minutes. Very strong winds up here around 35 to 40 MPH.

8.22 am : The show has begun!

9.12 am : Show is over. I went up the ridge to the top taking pictures the entire way. It dos'nt feel like an extra ordinary set of shots. The sun came up behind a mountain so that wasn't great. I think if I was on the far East Ridge near the Eastern towers of the University Range, I could of got some better shots going down the valley.

Now I am back at base camp that I set up at 8 AM. Marcy seems to be happy and I have had a great time. Merry Holidays!

I feel like I could spend the entire day up here above the clouds. I know that sooner or later I will get cold or hungry. My ass is already cold from sitting in this snow bank. Well so long from the Top of University Mountain.

10.38 am : Back at the car. The hike down wad great. I thought about the gifts that I found on my doorstep this morning. It was like Santa Claus had come overnight. I must of been a good boy this year.

One gift was from my landlord and includes a special holiday mixture (adult beverage). The second gift was the best. My friend Julie had dropped off a basket full of her home made ginger snaps. I will tell you this; they are quite possibly the yummiest cookies on the planet … and, I don't care for ginger either.

So I have had a good Christmas so far and I hope everyone out there has a great Holiday as well. Signing off from the Pattee Canyon trail head.

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