Turning The Corner

I think last night was the low point in my recovery from the face plant I did last weekend. I went with a friend to see her friend who is a doctor. He said that I should go get an MRI but if I want to be stubborn than the dizziness and head-rushes could be caused by inflamation reducing blood flow through the neck. It’s not that I am stubborn but in reality I can not see a doctor. I have no money and the insurance I do have has a $1,000.00 deductable. So as you can see I can not go get an MRI. The good news is that after a night of ice packs and anti inflamitory meds, I feel a lot better … mostly overall.

So this is my plan. As long as I progress to feeling better I will keep my neck imobalized and get it to heal. then I will slowly try to make it strong again. If I go back to passing out and getting large headaches …. I will get an MRI.

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