Up Early Reporting a Bug

I got up at 3 AM and could not get back to sleep. I thought I would get up and make a little snack, that way I could get back to sleep. I logged online and noticed something I needed to fix on my site. I found a print dialog bug in my new installation of Firefox 1.5 beta.

I just interviewed for a testing position and I had a realization that I have never really tried to help any project by becoming active in my bug reports. Mozilla is a perfect opportunity to become involved in something bigger than just my stuff. So I figured heck I would set up an account at Bugzilla and become an active testing member for their beta projects.

When in print preview with any web page open a user cannot toggle print layout using the Landscape/Portrait button. When the dialog is opened, the layout is in landscape. To choose portrait the user clicks the Portrait button; when clicked a dialog box appears for a second and then display shows landscape again. Bottom line is that user cannot choose Portrait.

So I reported and now I feel better and maybe just maybe I can get back to sleep. In a non —related issue I just heard on NPR that the newest hurricane (Rita) in the gulf is going to be even bigger than Katrina (to come landfall by tonight tomorrow morning) … I am hoping that this does not become true. Lets all hope!

Your Thoughts

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