Maverick Brew Fest

I am awake this morning feeling well and so find myself online adding pictures to my Photo Oasis of Heart Lake and the hike I did with Jim Goss of the Rocky Mountaineers. Last night I attended the Maverick Brew Fest and it all went off pretty well even though I almost had to walk home.

When I got off work, it looked like rain but was nice enough to bike home for a burger before setting out on my second Brew Fest. As we all gathered under the Caras Park Pavilion the rain came down hard. Larry and Kathleen were there as were some of our Kettle House friends.

I got hammered and suggested that we hit El Cassador for some Mexican food. The food was great and so fatty that I started my hangover early as I planned to bike home to sober up a little before bed. I had no buzz at this point ad my belly was full … way too full.

As I prepared to head home I realized that I lost my bike lock key. I ran to the parking lot just in time to get a ride home from Larry. I grabbed my spare set of keys at home and proceeded to go back into town to get my bike. I was feeling fine but my bike had to be hauled home on my car.

Oh, well a sad ending for the ride home but a great one for my pallet. I took some Excedrin and drifted off to a good nights rest.

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