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Logging and Road Building

Last night’s ride was the Sam Braxton and I left from town quickly so I could catch the Rocky Mountaineers Meeting at 7. Yo … I rode the Fire Road in the middle ring and headed over to the Sam Braxton. The problem is that the lower part of Sam Braxton (I don’t know, maybe the entire thing) is un-ride-able.

The darn loggers have cut down large trees (straight healthy ones … $$) in their attempt to reduce fuels (my guess is that they are selling trees). The trails are purposely blocked by large piles of trees. I know this because after crawling over one I noticed that they only stacked trees across the trails. What the heck … it was off to the RM meeting.

Two nights ago went riding with some local hard cores 🙂 up sidewinder and down Woods Gulch. There was some work done on Woods Gulch that I am not particularly happy about. I ask you all this.

You have a trail … ok! Now lets say this trail have two wet spots. One is a creek crossing and all that happens when you cross is a little clean water. The other is muddy and if you ride it you get mud splattered onto your water bottle giving you the screaming johnnies for a couple weeks after.

Here is the question. Which one do you build a way over?

Here in Missoula, some engineer (well I am assuming) made the call to build a bridge over the clean creek crossing (very shallow) and in the process tears up a great single track leading up to it.

I am shaking my finger at you … you little trail engineers!

Pabby visited my site some time ago like since he called on the weekend he is now off the hook for keeping in touch. I am frowning at you Pabby! Yar Pabby that is my 2nd cousin you chatted with. She has posted some short stories and a poem in my blog section under Sherry’s Writings … so yea your call this weekend was so great. I wasn’t expecting it, nice to hear from you. Whish you could of went hiking with us. We were South of Superior next to Illinois Peak. How the !@# do you spell Illinois? This weekend we are doing Warren Peak and we will be staying that a members cabin to leave from there in the morning!

Friends and Family Online Report

Mom and my 2nd cousin Sherry were in attendance Monday night and I would like to thank them for stopping in for the online meeting. Dad and I will did a voice chat on Tuesday!

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