Bear Mind

I woke up and wondered if I was late for work. The damn clock didn’t buzz me. Then after about 5 minutes of wonder I realized that I had come home and fell asleep wondering if I should go for a bike ride or not. I was a little happy to realize that I did not have to go to work at all. I got a reprieve!

So then I decided I would stay home and enjoy the evening. I made some black beans and rice and turned on the computer. I was messing around on the web when I ran across something for a game I have had played two or three years ago. I decided to pull it out and play a little last night.

I was getting tired and decided to have a snack and wait for myself to slip into a good nights rest. On the way to the toaster (Toast and Jam time) I looked at the clock … 3:20 AM. Holy Shit.

I sit here at work now with a body buzz so strong it feels like I have vertigo. Can possibly make it through the day? Will I make the Thursday Night Ride? One moment at a time I tell myself. I expect to blog or post a lot today because when I get tired I have a lot to bitch about.

Your Thoughts

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