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Back From The Sun

I just got back from the first annual Glacier Park Weekend put on by the Rockey Mountaineers. It was a great weekend with great weather. We camped at the Blankenship Bridge (free) and did two hikes in the park. Saturday’s adventure was Going to the Sun Mountain and Sundays swarray was a hike up to Syner Lakes.

Saturday’s climb up Going to the Sun was the highlight of the trip. It looks real extreme, straight up for a couple thousand feet, freaking breath-taking. I decided that I would at least go until they put on equipment, then I would wait for them at a saddle that we deemed as a staging area.

When the leaders put on their helmets and the rock came skipping by, I figured that the day was over for me. I said I was disappointed because I was not in a position to feel uncomfortable yet. Forest Dean said that the only place the helmets were really needed was the diagonal crevasse, so caution was a priority. The crevasse is just like the size and looseness of the Crazy Peak one. This one was not at a bad pitch though and I thought that I could do it.

That got me to the class 4 climb on the top of the summit ridge. This was the point were I knew I would not go any further. When I arrived it was so boxed in with no exposure that I wanted to do it. The rock was solid and if I fell it would of been only 10 to 20 feet to loose scree. I decided I could do it until I felt uncomfortable. They were being so careful even in the easy spots that it made me feel safe and gave me confidence.

I made the ridge to the summit pitch. The last pitch is supposed to be class 4 as well. The leaders found a class 3 route around to the north side and I summited. What a great climb. It was like a great accomplishment since I never thought I could do a climb with that kind of difficulty.

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