Cant Sleep

I have been laying in bed trying to get to sleep but too many things on my mind. Another contributing factor is that I am so sore and exhausted from Sunday's climb that I cant sleep. It may be hard to believe but I am to sore to fall asleep. I got home from work and crashed hard on the floor to wake up later unable to move around fluidly.

I want to go camping with the Rocky Mountaineers this weekend but I cant figure out what to do with Marcy. First I have to get her shots up to date. After that I have to find a dog sitter. I think I may have the sitter thing figured out but need to email my aunt first to see if she will dog-sit.

What I am going to do now is try to implement some code for my front page and maybe after that I can get to sleep. Boy, work tomorrow will be a bitch without any sleep.

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