Saint Joseph Peak Today … Maybe!

Today is real nice. The temperature is about 50 degrees and today will only get into the 70 or 80 range. The sun is out and all the smoke has cleared. It is definitely a beautiful day. I am going to park at the Bass Creek Trail Head and will hike up the drainage. Today’s mini-excursion (if you want to call it that) is up Saint Joseph Peak. To achieve this I will have to gain and use the ridge off the South side of St Joe. Its the long gradual one South East that reaches into Bass Creek Drainage.

If that does not happen I will at the very least find some photographic opportunities at some waterfalls in the valley that I had spotted two weeks ago on my hike up Little Saint Joe.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday and I hope to be posting some pictures of weeks past soon, stay tuned!

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