Thompson Lake Weekend

I just got back from my weekend with my Aunt Wanda and Uncle Jerry. We met at Thompson Lake, which is located on Route 2 near Happy’s Inn. It is beautiful country and we met up without a hitch and was set up and camping on Friday night. Before sack time we watched ”Meet The Fockers“ on my laptop.

Saturday started out windy and cool. After an awesome breakfast Jerry and I looked at maps and before long I had decided to ride to the top of Meadow Peak. Meadow Peak has a lookout on top and has a wicked steep climb. I compare it to Mineral Peak. It was a challenging climb to say the least. I saw fields of bear grass and the terrain was stunning. When I arrived back at camp it seemed that a storm was rolling in. That evening we watched some slideshows and a storm blew through camp. After I got some great pictures as the storm left and the sun set on the clouds, lighting them up. We tried to watch ”National Treasure“ but the battery ran out on ol’Lappy. I finished watching it in the Beetle.

Sunday I went riding a loop I call Lost Prairie and the rest of camp went fishing, including Marcy. My loop was great with forested roads and wide-open spaces. I got some great shots on that ride including a field of red wild flowers and some great prairie shots. That evening we chilled around camp and took turns napping in the hammock. We watched ”The Day After Tomorrow“ which was a good movie and hit the sack early.

Monday we pretty much packed up early and headed home. I was excited to get home early because I thought I had some friends that just arrived in Missoula. Things did not work out as I planned so I went on a mountain bike ride. On that ride I ruined my back tire and had to walk home. I decided to call it a weekend and had some ice cream and went to bed.

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