Riding The American West

I was in search of something to eat this morning and thought back to last weekend. Tonight is the Thursday Night Ride and I was marveling at how long it has been since I rode with everyone. Ok, so it has not been a while but that is not my point. My point is that I have been Mountain Biking every day and when you take advantage of the time you’re given and where you are … life seems longer.

Someone just asked me what I think of something they saw in the news. I felt out of the loop but maybe it is them who are out of the loop. It is nice to sit in front of a publication or TV all evening after work, but you are missing out on life. I am just saying that making the most of life actually does make life seem longer. Its too bad people are missing out.

What trails have I been riding … well let me see:

Like I said, I am making the most of life. Now just need to make some money …. hmmmm!

Your Thoughts

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