Chewed Out From Both Sides

[image]Today I rode from Florence to Stevensville and even though the day warranted a four hour ride I was only able to do 1. I am trying to recover still from Thursday's ride. I am also recovering from getting my ass chewed out today as well as yesterday.

Yesterday I was driving my car and pulled into the bank. A biker was in my blind spot and was cut off. I did not cut across a bike lane or anything. When I stopped the guy attacked me trying to break my drivers side window with his fist. The only thing he broke was his fingers (hopefully). He called me a buch of choice names and freeked out for 15 minutes straight.

Today I was comming out of a parking lot and merged onto a road. Suddenly a pickup truck rounded the corner and caught me crossing the road. He slowed but gave me a dirty look. I gave him a hand gesture (no not the middle finger). He chased me down the road and pulled up beside me cussing me out and just before he could finish me off and drive me into the ditch (hopefully not run me over), a state trooper pulled up behind us and he was forced to drive on. Wat upset me is that the trooper saw everything and didnt do anything, just followed the guy for a quarter of a mile. Thanks for the help buddy!

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