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McLeod Peak This Weekend

A hike a day has continued and now I am on my 22nd day if I go today, and why wouldn’t I. Today I am planning a climb up McLeod Peak today. Once again I am getting out late but I am struggling. I am exhausted for some reason, although the excitement of a new adventure is perking me up. There are a series of roads called McClure and Gray wolf off of route 93 that I will attempt to start from. I intend to skirt the boundary of the Vision Quest territory of the Salish Tribe, being careful not to intrude upon the sacred areas. The boundary seems to follow a ridge line over to McLeod. I intend to follow that and stay north of the Finley creek drainage. I intend to drive as far as I can go and set out from there.

As I remarked earlier I am “Wore Out”. Big Big. I guess I can attribute the fatigue to this weeks hikes, or shall I say runs. For some stupid reason I have ran all my hikes this week. I am getting out of hand. Next week I hope to slow down and relax a little. For gods sake, it is only February.

Julie sent me a DVD movie of the Wrangle St. Elias National Park. It is a place where she lives next to and I have been wanting this movie called “Crown of the Continent” for quite some time. On Tuesday I received a package and was overwhelmed with joy to find it was the movie I wanted. Thanks Julie, I watch it all the time. Ok, it the only movie I own.

At work I have been creating some great stuff. Not only is my interview server working out nicely but now I can use data collected and build pdf files dynamically as easy as creating a web page. How cool is that.

Well it is off to the task, god speed all!

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