Its Snowing Again :)

Hi all, I just added some pics in my gallery, feel free to rate and comment. I also just added a new link in my Missoula Section. It is a link to the Big Sky Film Festival which is happening next month.

Good morning from my apartment in Missoula. I hope all my freinds and every one else is having a good day. I hope eveyone is getting better from the Christmas Cold everyone seems to have at work.

Yesterday I couldnt get the server back up and running at work so I was a little frusturated. I didnt get any sleep last night so I better keep my comments to a minimum to avoid the tendancy to get all negative and down in the dumps.

On the bright side it is snowing off and on still and the skiing gets better and better. I hope to sneek out to the Rat tonight although I promised Marcy that we would go sno shoeing. But dogs dont understand wht yo say, right?

Well I better prepair for work and get a couple things done like an appointment to get my oil changed and figure out how to pay a credit card payment.

Take care and signing off from Missoula Montana.

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