Moose Poop Pie

Good morning. The sun is coming up here in Missoula and I have sat down to breakfast including eggs, hash-browns, and toast. I am on the verge of happiness but a little concerned that I sat around all weekend.

I have a question; how do you de-startch potatoes? Every time I make hash browns, they become this gluey mess.

Since Pologra is not adventuring into the Moose Poop Pie, I will lead the way by saying that it is really rich and good. It is best with Ice cream and kalua(?). The pie is like a brownie that has a chewy and crusty top but thick, gluey, and very chocolaty center. It does look like poop, but tastes awesome.

Pologra, your day sounds so relaxing. I could be there for sure. I cant wait to one day have a cabin in the woods with a crackling fire and the pleasures of the pallet that you speak of.

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