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Begging For A Job

Good Morning World-O-Ramma … Overcast skies. That is what us Missoulians call inversion effects which is keeping all our human combustion sitting in the valley like a bowl of milk without cearl. Yea, I guess we are in denial …. Whatever.

I hear my new upstairs annoyance is stirring this morning and frankly I am shocked since they stayed awake all night making as much noise as they could. When they are not making noise, their dogs take up the effort by barking all day and all night. The community was over last night knocking on doors. I cant believe what a nice dog I have in Marcy.

Yesterday was not one of my best. Everything went well until I took a collection so that I could get groceries. I have no money and now it has settled in on my soul even more. Then my grandma called and I could tell that she was in tears on the phone. What can I do, Things are getting bad and before the week is out, I may have decided to leave Missoula for warmer climates of Yuma Arizona.

I do not want to live in Yuma though, so today I must hit the phones and walk the beat visiting businesses. I think today I will get on my knees and beg for a job.

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