Distracted No More

Hello from the Daily Planet. I am trying to not come here since it takes $1.00 to buy a cup of coffee and legitimatize my stay to use the internet. Yesterday something got hung up. I find my self without anything to do. I cant leave town due to my financial situation. I cant use the car since it needs service and the cost of gas is so high. I really don't want to do the things I love to do at home either. Play a video hockey game – blah! Work on some pictures – blah. Play with Marcy – blah. I did settle on fixing up my rear wheel to my mountain bike and barely got out for a small ride.

Today I wake up to the possibility of snow and that kind of excites me. I read once ”Distractedness is one sign that we are avoiding the truth of the moment“. Does this mean that I am ready to face the truth of the moment? Is the truth of the moment bad, if not why was I trying to avoid it? ”If it is pleasant, be aware without clinging. If it is unpleasant, be aware without resistance“, I read from a book by Tara Goldsman. So then, I am aware.

Now I am not truly satisfied yet this morning. I still don't feel aware. Then I figure, I must just let it be and let the universe sort it out. Dos not the universe always provide. Rejecting fear and the unknown and just being myself open to the universe to guide. Do you get this? Well, that's all I have to say. Good-day!

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