Starbucks opens doors in Missoula

News from ROBERT STRUCKMAN of the Missoulian. The new Missoula Starbucks branch opened its doors to business last Thursday. The coffee shop is located off the Reserve Street exit on Interstate 90. [blockquote]Until last August, Montana was one of the only states without a stand-alone store. The first opened in Helena and another followed, as well as a pair in Billings.[/blockquote] While I lived in CT this was the only place I would frequent. the reasons were that I liked the fireplace in the CT cold humid days, I liked the Scones (I havent found any like it since), and most of all I liked the coffee. But now I am in turmoil. Missoula is a great city and would I sell out and start going to my old haunt. I am thinking not. [blockquote] The arrival of Starbucks in Montana has caused tremors in the coffee market, independent shop owners in Missoula and around the state say, but most are confident that healthy stores will survive.[/blockquote] But I currently sell out and go to liquid Planet (free Internet). I love downtown Missoula and their shops. I think I will pass on the new opening. [blockquote]Katie Harper, a University of Montana law student and coffee drinker seated Friday afternoon outside Catalyst Espresso on Higgins Avenue, called the coffee chain “gross.” “It”s that anti-mega corporation, anti-franchise thing,” said Scott Laisy, owner of Butterfly Herbs in downtown Missoula. On the register at his coffee bar is a sticker that says, “Friends Don”t Let Friends Drink Starbucks.”[/blockquote]

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