Save Our Forest

I just ran accross a great website called National Forest Preserve Aliance that is dedicated to saving our forest. Since moving to Missoula I have come to find out that our forest are endangered. The Bush Administration has put our forests in even more danger. Here in Missoula the forest is our home so screw the corporations and screw the entities that are grappling for our sacred treasure. The web site’s name is National Forest Preserve Aliance. Their statement entitled Endangered Forests, Endangered Freedoms is, "The goal of this campaign is to protect endangered US National Forests from the Bush Administration”s logging agenda though litigation, public organizing, and direct action. NFPA”s Endangered Forest campaign employs the strength of its alliance– the largest member-driven grassroots forest coalition in the country– to directly challenge logging projects across the US Forest Service system. " Did you know that over 95% of US original forests have been logged? Most of the remaining 5% lie in the publics hands and are slaves to taxpayer-backed logging. Missoula is perfect example of deforestation, polluted drinking water could be next. When do we stop … after our species native to our forests become extinct. It”s time we stop logging our National Forests like the Lolo National forest and lets restore them. .:. Endangered Forests, Endangered Freedoms Project .:. Protect & Restore .:. Our Alliance .:. Markets .:. Stop the Bush Administration's Pro-logging Agenda

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