Boulder Point Adventure Completed

Yesterday, which was Thursday, I planned an outing into the Rattlesnake Wilderness. Marcy did not come with me. The first part of this adventure biked up the Rattlesnake Corridor to a point where I stashed my bike and put on the hikers. The second part of me hiked up to the saddle between Boulder Point and the unnamed peak to the northwest. I checked out Boulder Point and then topped the un-named high point…

Terrain Distance (approx): approx. 32 miles (rt)
Climbing Distance: 4,180 feet
Highest Altitude: 7,422 feet
Trip Time: approx 5 hours

8:25 AM – Left the car at the main Rattlesnake Trail head. I hampered this adventure at the beginning because of a fanny pack (newly bought) that was not working correctly. It is a Kelty and I would recommend that no one purchase one of these fanny packs. The reason is that how they locate their suspension straps are bogus. The only way to wear this one is upside down. That’s crazy. The absolute worst fanny pack made in the world today.

10:00 AM – After about two hours delay I got underway and rode for about an hour up the Rattlesnake Corridor. After the switch back and rocky scree section of road after the Franklin Bridge, I took a break and watched some moose.

10:20 AM – About a mile and a half past the high wetland on the left there is a sign in for the wilderness. A little past this post is a trailhead for trail 52. Continue along the corridor and keep an eye to the right for a sign that signifies the Porcupine Creek Trail.

10:45 AM – I reached the trailhead for trail 504 (Porcupine Creek Trail). I stashed the bike and dawned the hiking shoes. The trail heads off North East alongside the Porcupine Creek. The trail goes through burned sections of forest, so pay attention as the trail is hard to find.

12:50 PM – The trail comes to a T. I took the right and stopped for a jerky break on the rock cliffs overlooking Boulder Lake. The sun was high, and the day was nice. No bugs made the day even tastier. From here there are views of Mc Cloud, the highest point in the Rattlesnake, the Mission Range, and the Swan Range.

From here go over the ridge down and take a right at the junction of trail 333. Go about off the ridge and take a trail up the ridge to the top of Boulder lookout. The trail is off to the left. I returned up the ridge and continued through the junction that I came to first. The prime point here is the mountain top within view to the north. It is a short 1/4 mile climb.

2:10 PM – Summit of un-named peak overlooking Boulder Lake. From here return the way in. It will take about 1 hour and 15 minutes to get back down to where I stashed my bike. The bike ride back to the trailhead is just a little over an hour to an hour and ten minutes.

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