Forest Fire Season Beginith

Well fire season has begun.  There is  a forest fire in Lincoln Montana.  Yesterday I could not see the surrounding mountains as I rode my mountain bike.  I guess the smoke had made things hazy.  Yesterday I guess a man fell in a glacier and died up in Glacier Park.  Montana is not for the meek societal types.

Paul and Lucy are at Yellowstone Park and I have enjoyed the return to my active lifestyle.  While they are here I have been sitting by the phone waiting for them to get out and do something.  I guess I didn’t realize until now that they don’t do as much as I thought.  That’s fine though but I must get out and enjoy what’s left of my summer more.  Next year this time Ill have a job. 

In a couple weeks I am going to get a job.  Probably right after the reunion.  Actually I cant wait.  I just hope it is a good enough job to live in Missoula.  I figure only 1200 a month is needed to live.

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