Da Travels

This morning I have a big head ache. It has been a while since I have had one. I know yesterday I did not do anything to be over trained or stressed physically. I did stress out when I arrived in Kallispel when Marcy started to get on my nerves as we were not finding the address we were looking for. I am in Kalispel and last night we went to a party at a Everett’s house. Everett is a friend of Jim which is a friend of Paul. Anyway I got to watch the Tour of France and have some good beers along with steak also. Today the plans are to go to Glacier park and Marcy will stay at my aunt’s – Wanda Freese. She is cool and I hope to see her more often now that I live in Missoula. Oh yea, the head ache….From the 5 brownies that I had last night.

Your Thoughts

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