Gold Creek Peak Today

Good morning everyone. Todays adventure will take me to Gold Creek Peak. It is an approximately 7,181 foot mountain North East of Missoula. I will begin the mountain bike portion just off route 200 East of Bonner on the Gold Creek Road. Its a pretty well traveled gravel road and you cant miss it. It right after Hayers Gulch.

I will begin the first leg on my bike and I fully expect to make at least 8 miles in before I am forced to hike. From there though it would be a 8 mile hike to the peak. What would be better is if the trail is in good enough condition for me to proceed to the 12 mile mark and hike the remaining 4 miles. Who knows maybe ride the whole way like last week. I am not certain from the 8 mile marker on.

Your Thoughts

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