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Settling Into Missoula

The morning is nice today. I think I will go biking early today. It is dark and cloudy as usual over on Lolo Peak. Blue Mountain has some sunshine but the clouds carrying what looks like rain are overcoming it. Out West down the valley is the usual factory spewing smoke into the atmosphere but mixing with the clouds nicely. North towards Rattlesnake Area it is dark and cloudy. I have only been there one time and saw the sun shine. It is weird to hear about “The Drought”. I say what drought?

I am settling in more and Missoula is feeling more and more like home and I love it. If I like it now, who knows how much I will love it when I get settled which usually takes me two to three years. I am already starting to get bored (on rest days) so thoughts of getting a job soon are creeping in.

I found this real nice place to take Marcy in the morning and to do my computer work. It is up a street called Whittaker Drive where it turns to gravel and merges onto Rimel Road. It is the highest street in Missoula. I can see the entire Missoula scene. From Pattee Canyon all the way over to Lolo Peak.

Last weekend I did my first community event. It was called the Double Dip Mountain Run. It was a race in which we ran Around Sentinel Mountain into Pattee Canyon. Then we went up to the saddle between Sentinel and University Mountain. From the we ran both Peaks then down into Hellgate Canyon and finally back into town. I cant believe I ran the entire thing. It was 12 miles and I did it in 2:49. It was truly Amazing. I knew I wanted to move to where there where people like myself and I think I finally found the place. Everyone here is extreme and love to push their existence further and further.

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