Marshall Canyon MTB

The route starts out on the Mount Jumbo Rec Area trails that start out heading towards the interstate. The climb is moderate but turns steep as you leave the hiking trails and continue around and through Helgate Canyon. The views are remarkable. I wish I had my camera. Once on the East Missoula side the single track becomes exciting as you wind your way into town. I used my brakes more than I should. I was taken back by the steep terrain and unbelievable speed on could obtain ripping down this narrow side-hill track.

The road section to Marshall Canyon Road is boring except for going past the river. Once to the road you climb about a mile and head into a old logging road to the left. The climb on the road is nice and some views of the valley below are good. The climb continues into the Mount Jumbo Recreation area again. The loop goes over the saddle and back down into the Rattlesnake residential area of Missoula. The downhill is ripping fast.

The loop finishes up with roads back to the starting area. The entire ride is great only because of the initial climb around Mount Jumbo. The single track into East Missoula is the best I have ver rode and also the most exciting. The rest is just a workout with a view. The downhill into the last road section is also a highlight if you like speed.

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