Wish I Were In Plattsburgh

This mornings run included a very bright orange sunrise. It is a perfect way to wake up, the sun hitting you in the face. Warm and inviting. This weekend seems settled. Tomorrow I am attending a Halloween Party at my friend Sean’s house. All the gang will be there. On Saturday morning I plan to go to Plattsburgh New York for my friend Lucy’s birthday. While I am there I plan to get new tires and just pretend Like I still live there. I want to shop for birthday gifts and also try the new Starbucks. I also should catch the end of a fall foliage season. It is still very pretty here in Connecticut.


Has anyone ever felt like everyone except yourself has a life, and important, a valuable, a more exciting life? I think for myself I have to keep in mind that I have a real life of my own. But it doesn’t feel like it. I read somewhere that feeling like this is just a remnant of the past. “self defeating belief that is inaccurate”. Hmmm, where am I going with this. I need to just jump back into my life for it is real. Oh well, it is to nice and sunny outside to be digging through the leaves in the shade.

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