Will I Fly?

Smoothie in hand and some toast and I am ready for a blogger. My run this morning was filled with disappointment and anger. I am disappointed that I did not get to go mountain biking last night and that I ate a large amount of ice cream and a box of fish sticks. I was angry that it has come to this once again and the questions remain.

Will I let myself go again this winter? Am I going to be so sad that I have no friends locally that I slip into writing code all night for my website and my hockey simulator? Will I eat everything is sight in hopes that for a moment I will be happy?

Jeezzz, I hope not. I can only go running today. I can only go mountain biking tonight. I must try to get some nagging things done so I can relax, be healthy, and enjoy myself. Will I survive in CT? I was born to fly? Fly above these people! Why do I live with them……Maybe Ill fly away from here!

Your Thoughts

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