Mount Tecumseh

I have just posted new pictures of Saturday’s hike. Today was supposed to be a rainy day. As it turned out, it was sunny in northern New Hampshire. I started the hike 45 minutes late. This was due to the fact that I did some shopping in Lincoln NH. Found some great buys on hiking equipment. They did not have my size for trail runners so Ill have to give it a go another day. Anyway the hike was intense and I summeted in 1 hour and 20 minutes. I decided to decend towards the ski area and then walk the road back to the car. This was a big mistake. It took me another hour to reach the ski area. Once there I hikes 6 miles to my car. I was exhausted. If I had just hiked back down the same way I went up it would of taken me 2 hours total. This would of allowed me time to make it back home in time to visit and partake in adault beverages with friends. In reality I just got home and I am exhausted. It is midnight and I am going to bed. Good night all.

Click for Waterville Valley, New Hampshire ForecastThe Mt. Tecumseh Trail starts at the Waterville Valley ski area and goes over the summit of Mt. Tecumseh, then descends to Tripoli Road about a mile from the start of the Mt. Osceola trail. Most hikers attempt it from the ski area (rt: 5.0 miles, 2,200 feet, 3:35). This is an easy trip, but not quite as easy as the numbers suggest, as there is a long steady fairly steep climb. There are no views on the trail itself, but a short spur leads to the ski slopes and good views into the valley. There are also limited views from the summit.

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