Getting Caught Up

I have finally started to unpack from my trip and get caught up. I have a huge financial mess to catch up with as well.

I just go back from Trader Joes to get smoothie supplies. Just made a diffrent one using banana, peaches, and pinapple. Yummy!

Finishing up watching tonights Tour de France.

Earlier this evening I did some clothes. The laundry mat dryer went haywire and burned all my clothes. The very few that survived smell like fire.

Tommorrow I head out to do a ride with the Yankee Peddlers Bike club. This will be the second time and I might join the club.

Last Sunday they dropped me hard. I rode around 75 miles last weekend and am just now starting to feel better. Got to get into shape.

This weekend I hope to hike and bike. I am kind of excited to get out and be in the outdoors with some friends. Take care all and enjoy the Summer.

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