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Natures Primary Colors

I have a few comments on natures primary colors. We each have the freedom to define, and understand, our world around us – as we choose. That means we should not bring our natural affiliation into our human groups. It means that we do not try to impose our beliefs, or our understanding of the world, on any one else. We do not use our group or meetings as a soap box to gain “our understanding” converts. We do not try to force our particulars on others. We (should) give ourselves, and each person, the right to a personel understanding of the world aound us.

With the thought above I would just like to thank those of you who tore me apart yesterday and hung me out to dry, effectively making me realize that we work together but we are not friends.

Other than that tidbit, Paul is expeced to visit this weekend but I am feeling like I am comming down with something. I hope not. Have a good day all and dont forget to check out my photos.

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