Anyway I am back and here is my recollection:

Monday — Today I left at 6 AM to hop on a plane to Phoenix Arizona. I left Marcy at the Snowflake kennel last night. I miss her already. (In Phoenix) I met a real interesting woman this morning and we talked before we boarded and when we got here to Phoenix we went to lunch together. We have a lot of things in common. I hope to run into her again someday. (In L.A.) Well here I am in Ontario, CA and I have to go get a rental car. It is all new to me. (In Barstow, CA) … wow, I am out in the middle of the Mojave Desert. It is pretty cool. Well not cool, I went down from my motel (Super 8) and it was so hot I almost didn’t make it back. Well … it wasn’t that bad, actually I enjoyed it. I am hoping to meet up with my contact. I had to leave a message for him. Can’t use the calling cards or Internet out here. Jesus, what am I going to do?

Tuesday — Went to Fort Irwin, wow very impressive. I like the ”Tank Crossing“ sign. Lol. Work went well, although there is some pretty mindless steps I cant remember. Mindless work … how exhausting. We all went out to a place called Carrows Restaurant. It was like a Denny’s. After that we went to a bar and did some darts and karaoke. Got drunk, sang out loud, and had a good time.

Wednesday — More mindless work. With a hang over! Getting real hot here in the desert. I love it. It is so cool here. Got into a little tiff with the guy in charge out at the training center. He pulled me to the side and asked me what my purpose was and what I was doing besides wasting his money. I was just about to tell him to fuck off when a co-worker saved me. After work we all went to Rositias, a real good Mexican restaurant. It was yum, yum!

Thursday — Yep, more mindless work. I really like working with this crew and I am having a blast. Although we could use some excitement! Tonight we went to Idle Spurs Restaurant. I had a huge steak and saut

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