What Dingbats Do?

Well, here I am and I cannot sleep because I took three Excedrin to get rid of a headache I got tonight. I have been up for a while and am feeling great (pills). I cant wait though, to get some rest. Damn headaches….I think I got this one because I ate a whole box of cookies while watching a movie last night. The movie was called Spy Games. It was a good movie.

Called mom and dad yesterday and hope to talk to them again. I must call other family members to say hi. Maybe Ill go find a peaceful spot by the lakes to call them today. Take my hammock too…hmmmm! I must get my other bike built so I can putter around town. Damn …. I must get my dad a decent bike too. I think he likes to bike.

Yesterday while out biking I ran into a buck(4 point). Big rack and he just watched as I practiced my bike skills. I must get a digital camera to take photos of my deer friends.

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