On Edge, New Phone Operational

I am happy for those that get temporary relief from getting revenge on those that hurt them. But, it is only temporary and I feel bad for them because that relief is ONLY temporary. One must deal with their own feelings so that their relief is long term, for it is their feelings, not the person tagged with hurting them.

Read some more of my thoughts on my random thoughts page. It is good that I started a rest week as I have been on edge all week. Everything gets on my nerves. A sure sign of over-training. I got my new phone going and talked to Mom, Dad, Lucy, my Sister, Ed, and Sue to name a few. Most I talked to while hiking at Sleeping Giant.

The weather has turned sour for the last few days. It hasn’t been to cold but it has rained a lot. They say that we need it.

Ed Smith told me that they are having NORBA race at Beartown in Plattsburgh September 15th. Of course I will be there unless I am leading the New England Championship Series. Lol, highly unlikely, I know. So, I will be there.

I move tomorrow and I should start calling the electric company and so on. Have a good day all.

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