Nice Quote

A co-worker sent me a quote. So here it is: If the Great Spirit had desired me to be a white man he would have made me so in the first place. He put in your heart certain wishes and plans; in my heart he put other and different desires. Each man is good in the sight of the Great Spirit. It is not necessary for eagles to be crows.” Sitting Bull [Teton Sioux]

Yesterday I rested. Today I ride. I am on the bike for 2 hours tonight, easy stuff. I feel pretty good and the decision to just go home after work and take a nap paid off. I feel well rested and ready to go. The most important thing also is that my body is now processing energy better and my body fat is going down as planned. I have really filled up my race calendar and I promise to post it as soon as I get a chance. I have been so busy biking and getting ready to move.

The move will take place on Good Friday and I don’t know if I will be online or even have a phone after that. I will try to keep this site posted. Something I have neglected recently. It is spring … time to be outside.

At least I think it is spring. There is snow outside today, freaking everyone out. Oh well, cant hold back spring, it is on the way.

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