I Start at Sikorsky Next Month

Wow so much has changed. I plan to update this page in a major way. Today I learned that I start at Sikorsky on the 18th of next month. This week I:

Thursday: Took my last final in Networking and bombed it big time. Went to the Naked turtle for a beer and a burger. After 22 beers and 2 am someone got me to my house. I think, I hope I didn’t drive.

Friday: Today I was to give the final presentation in Networking. Since I failed the final I had to nail it or I would not be able to graduate. One problem….alcohol poisoning. I couldn’t drink or eat…hell I couldn’t get 2 inches off the ground or I would pass out. Sue to the rescue! She finds me at home unable to even barely breath. She know the importance of the moment and drags my ass to Hawkins Hall so that I could attempt to give my presentation. I barf all over Hawkins Hall, she wishes she didn’t know me. I give a three line presentation and when the Professor asks questions I puke. He asks someone to take me to the hospital to get i.v.’s. He releases me and I feel that I finally passed networking…..Sue takes me home and literally drops me of in my yard. I pass out! I wake up and feel the need to thank her for saving my ass (8 PM). I take her to supper and crashed.

Saturday: Wake up late, find out that Yahoo has taken my domain-name. Run around the house absolutely freaking out. I am late for graduation. I GRADUATE, people in attendance are Paul, Lucy, Sue, Ed, and Dave. I get into a fight with Paul outside the Field house. I go to dinner with Paul, Lucy, and Sue. Other attendees didn’t show up. I run into bimbos Craig-mizr. He is with his new squeeze, she just graduated too. I go to Naked Turtle. We party. I only have three White Russians. I am a good boy and am in bed by 2 AM.

Sunday: I leave for a mountain bike race in Old Forge at 4 AM . Yes 2 hours of sleep. I take Sue with me (She got smashed and I brought her to my house so she wouldn’t drive). She wants to go to the race so I get her up and into the car. She is still drunk. We have to take her car because mine seems to be losing the back wheel. I drive to old forge. Sue Pukes every 2 hours. I race and win 50 bucks. Sue gets better and we drive back to my car. I go home and crash hard. I sleep till Monday about 10.

Your Thoughts

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