October 26, 1996 4TH Annual 24 Hour Mountain Bike Challenge, Complete with Halloween Pumpkins

The Riders:

    • Dave Seymour
    • Ed Smith
    • Robert McCarty
    • Nicki Bogardus
    • Bill Martin
    • Charlie Mitchell
    • Mark Heit
    • Chris Rose

The Record: TEAM RUT-RO 204 MILES IN 21 HOURS 39 MINUTES 9.4 MPH Ave.
The Course: See below 

This year the yearly ritual would become a 24-hour race. The race started at noon on Saturday and ended at noon on Sunday. I challenged two teams for the record. At first it looked as though I would beat these teams and set a new record. At one point I was 1 minute away from lapping the field. As the race wore on, my food handler could not be found. Without fuel, I started to decay both in thought and speed. Things really took a turn for the worse when I flatted and ran 8 miles to the pits. It took me 1 hour to fix my flat and broken spokes and team Rutro put a lap and a half on him. Once fixed my bike would betray me again as another flat made me run another 3 miles to the pits. Exhausted and undernourished, I fell asleep only to wake 4 laps down. In a last ditch effort to salvage dignity I mounted another bike and set a personal record at 162 miles. On my last lap I hit a tree and rendered myself unconscious. Team Rutro defeated and humiliated I as they set the new record at 204 miles in 24 hours.