November 5, 1994 Record Attempt Number Two


The Riders:

  • William Martin
  • Chris Rose

The Record: 113.26 miles 10 hours 29 minutes on the bike time 11 laps 10.8 MPH Ave. speed
The Course: 10.1 mile loop on the Blue Trail (counter clockwise) 150 ft. climbing per lap 

This year I talked to my friend and racing buddy Chris into riding with me so that I did not go crazy. When Chris arrived I had already done 7 laps and was groggy. Chris lifted my spirits and paced me back into my fast pace. Chris finally became sick and I set out on my final lap. 34-degree temperatures, sleet, and rain punished me. I walked the last half of the lap and barely made it back to my car. I put everything into my trunk and went back to my apartment. Unfortunately my landlord had evicted me and all my belongings were in the parking lot.