November 4, 1995 Mountain Bike Challenge 3

The Riders:

  • William Martin
  • Ed Smith
  • Andy LaPlante
  • Nicki Bogardus
  • Dave Seymour
  • Robert McCarty
  • Charlie Mitchell
  • Mark Heit

The Record: 152.5 miles – 17:03 on the bike time
The Course: The Course – 15 mile loop on the Blue Trail (counter clockwise) 165 ft. climbing per lap 

For year three, I had many friends help me in my quest to go farther faster. Each huge lap ended with friends helping me with water food and lube. A long way from year one, I averaged 8 MPH. All laps were done on one bike except the last one, in which another bike was substituted. my bike had a demolished rear wheel due to a crash the lap before. Ed accidentally rammed into I on a night lap. Ed was distressed but I calmed me down and slammed the tacoed wheel back into shape. The weather was freezing and very windy. Quite a few frost bit cases were the norm this year. I could not regain circulation to my feet for three weeks after. After this attempt I had to be taken home by my friends Andy and Nicki as I was in shock.