May 10, 1993 Blue Trail Challenge

The Rider: William Martin
The Record: 105 miles in 24 hours
Climbing: 150 ft. climbing per lap
Bike Time: 11 hours 13 minutes
Average Speed: 8.2 mph
The Course: 10.5 mile loop on the Blue Trail(counter clockwise) 

My first year I did not know to many cyclists. In fact I was too embarrassed to admit to anyone that I desired to see if I could ride a mountain bike off road for 100 miles without stopping. So I secretly hid a milk jug full of Cytomax, Powerbars, bagels, and some bananas behind a log so that I could stop each lap to refuel. I also hid lube so I could keep my chain lubed each lap.

The ride seemed hard but at the end I felt a great sense of accomplishment. For only a moment, however, then the desire to go farther crept into my soul like a big dark cloud. Afterward I grabbed my milk jug and rode home because I had no car.