Team MoBill Final – Summer of Adventure

This post is the last in a series called the Team MoBill Story

It was agreed that we should meet up for adventures on the weekends. For me I traveled every weekend to either race or ride somewhere so I was used to it. For Mo not so much. She was totally into adventure but trading a non work day to get up and travel was just not her cup of tea. I totally understood. But then every weekend she was up for something new.

It seems to me that we were training for sharing the adventures of life. To be on a team. Something I never considered. I mean I was solo right? Solo racer. Always solo. And more then myself Mo was a solo too. So each weekend was like training camp to be on some sort of a team.

My setup
My setup

After our first date we immediately concocted another adventure. And the adventure we choose was totally new to both of us. Bike packing. Not your cushy-bob-trailer-yawn-fest. No, this was hike-a-bike back-country stuff. When Mo told me she had a distain for traditional bike “touring” I was hooked. I involved a friend under the guise of a group trip. We arrived near Lima to embark on our first real bike pack.

Day one in the books we camped high on the Continental Divide. Mo’s adventure skills and tenacity on what would be discovered as her first mountain bike ride was tremendous. That night as we gazed into the night sky she started to point out Orion’s Belt. Without thinking I stole a kiss. A quick smooch on the cheek. She did not protest. I fell asleep in terror on the next step. A proper wet kiss. I vowed to never let it get that far. I was certain that I would totally botch it up.

The second day tested our mettle. There were long steep climbs and a big day ending push to a mountain lake. Even through it all our team building took another step. The wet kiss was delivered. A total success from what I remember. That milestone out of the way snuggling became a common practice. A bond forming through adventure.

As we approached the trail head on our third day I entered into another state of panic. Secretly I was falling for this person and almost past the point of turning back. If anything would go wrong there could be heartbreak. The bike pack was not only a success but I found new passions. Love for self supported mountain biking yes, of course. But I think I felt a bond with someone now. I wanted to be on her team. It was best to keep this to myself. On the way back to were we would split up a hand hold, a heart felt, don’t let go kind of hand hold.

It did not take long to come up with another adventure. A back pack with just us. It never occurred to either of us that we lived so far apart and spent the better part of weekends traveling. We just had this desire for the next adventure.

This time we were high in the Absaroka Range. Just the two of us adventuring and bonding with each step. That night our first brush with conflict. It seemed as though I had a different approach to fire building and when trying to micro manage her efforts I got a quick slap on the wrist. Like a puppy I retreated to a corner of camp and contemplated the lesson. I was learning to be on a team. Working together without trying to control.

We just kept getting closer and closer. And at the same time discovered boundaries. After this one each weekend melted into the next. Work weeks were spent gathering supplies and scheming. It was time for me to drive West and do my best to balance the driving. My motivation however was to partake in a friends event called M.E.S.S.S. or Missoula to Elk Summit Shit Show I think. Once in the event my motivation was to show Mo what I had been working on all my life. To go fast. Things went well and I crushed it.

As I approached the finish I couldn’t wait to see Mo. She would be so amazed, I was setting an event record. I finished and the only person there was Josh setting up a BBQ. Mo was still at a baby shower. Guess I did not send out the memo I was going to do it so fast. She did find her way to the finish however and I set forth to explain what a feat I had just endured.

That’s so cool snuggles

A phrase I have been tagged with ever since.

A finish line photo shows Cuddles and Snuggles together. Not because of my strong endurance effort but just supporting her teammate Snuggles. This endurance effort my last status as a Solo racer. The next day we decided to give a relationship a whirl. I was now on a team.

The finish line

Near the end of the summer our friend, who we call E.B., gave us our team name. MoBill as in Mobile. We were always mobile, or on the move. In another adventure. Yea, team MoBill. A life adventure team.

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