Lazy ass


I better get off my lazy ass and get things done tonight. I have learned that the Wednesday night rides are happening. So tonight I need to do the chores necessary so that I can finally get off my lazy ass and get outside more. Sure, I am outside right now. But it is sitting on my ass with my feet in the air listening to the sprinkler go past.

No, I need to get off my lazy ass. I’ve been here before. And I don’t like it. So here goes nothing.



Colors of the Grand Yellowstone Canyon

Life has layers. And many parts of life are great. But when you have so many layers you begin to stop understanding what it is you are about. To much complication and responsibility will pull life right out of you. Just like in art class they told you that too many elements in a painting would make it too noisy and ruin the overall message.

Looking at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone at times reminds me of life.


Self sustained


My sister is traveling across the county to visit us in Billings. The thing is that it is her first traveling experience where she is doing all the driving. Self sustained us ultra, well used to be ultra, adventurers like to call it. About 12 hours in we get word that she is tired and in need of a place to crash.


I offer some tips from my experience. Find a place along your path and bivvy out. Well I suggested it in a way that “norms” would understand. Find a rest area and crash in your car.

She did finally make it and I am happy to find out she had some adventures on day two.

Be careful sis, it is addicting.


The simplicity of flow

How do we as humans make everything so complicated? When nature always seems to keep it simple. Like when I finally get a routine down I always seem to find myself looking for a new challenge. One that looking back has always made things too complicated. Prompting me to take a look as I am doing now at why I can’t get the things that I usually get done, done.

Water, it seems, has been doing one thing since the beginning of time. It only has one job. And its coworker, gravity, helps it along it’s path. Evaporate up to the clouds and then the clouds bring it over the mountains and drops it into the valleys and it runs back down into the sea. And that’s it simple. Easy peasy!

I guess I have to try and do the same. Sure we have new technologies that can enable us to do many many things. But I just need to do what I was meant to do.

Follow my flow.


Sorry about the photos

imageMy routine has been go to work, get overloaded by new challenges, and then come home and plop onto the couch. Last night I decided to post a blog after one of many naps. I discovered that my website migration of last year (ish) rendered me with blog posts without photos. Only the post that I have submitted since this move have photos. So I stayed up trying to delete those posts and finally gave up, overwhelmed. At work and at home just plain overwhelmed.

So I changed the theme and called it a night.  You might notice past blogs without images … long lost. And so life goes on. As it will when I come up missing.


The “quick and dirty” climb


The “ol quick and dirty” is what I refer to a “outing” that one must do when somehow life has tried to make you forget your an adventurer. After work when you know you must get out and do something. But then it is too late for a real adventure. But you must do something. So you go to that standard “quick and dirty”.

For my partner, and I when I am visiting, it is the Mt Washburn climb. There are two flavors. A real quickie and the “I did not squander the entire day” ride. The real quickie starts when you leave the main grand loop highway in which one parks at that last pullout with the outhouse. It is our opinion that the pullouts with outhouses are the least crowded mostly because people don’t think you “see something” and try to hord in on your “Yellowstone experience”.

In any case Mt Washburn tops out at over 10,000 feet and that is so cool. It even has this long undulating climb that has a 2 mile straight piece that breaks you out of any mental funk. Currently my favorite “quick and dirty”.



One sunny day in Yellowstone National Park Mo and I decided to give hiking a try. After climbing for about an hour I turned to her and said that I feel old. Gravity was just kicking my ass. After not exercising for a little while an exercise like this makes your legs feel like they are petrified.

Let’s examine petrified. Some say petrified wood is only a fossil. Formed by being buried by sediment and then protected from decay by oxygen and little things that would eat it. And then from what I read it gets a little technical. Something like a process where groundwater which has dissolved solids will penetrate and flow through this settlement. In any case this damn s*** turns to rock.

This is what has happened to my legs. A sedimentary lifestyle has turned my legs into sediment. Now turning into rock.

The funny thing is that some specimens of petrified wood are such as accurate preservations that people do not realize that they are fossils until they try to pick it up. Which, they can’t. The damn thing is way too heavy. And me, way too heavy.

So what does a guy do but to find a good place to rest. So I skirt around the hillside a little . And as we sat there and look into the distance were the buffalo roam and the deer play Mo’s face grew excited.

“Isn’t that a petrified tree”, she said and pointed downhill.