Packing up

image I can’t sleep. Its a personal thing I have going on. Anybody knows me they know something’s going on. So why not make the most of this morning. Packing the fat bikes up for this weekend’s adventure. There’s a cabin rented and it’s supposed to rain all weekend so nothing better to do than to fat bike through the weather and make it to this cabin high in the mountains. And then relax.

Calf creek

Here I am in calf creek cabin. The sun just came out after wicked little rain storm. I did two rides today. One up calf creek trail. The other up towards the tender foot. In both cases I ran into snow.

Now I’m sitting here in this beautiful cabin and nothing to do. I had dinner, sausages and planting chips, but now I find myself wanting to play cards. Or go for a lonely walk. Register the beauty outside. Maybe over the ridge to look for animals.

This is the first time I have come to any cabin all by myself. My partners out of town visiting family and I thought why not go out on a big adventure. I just really wanted to bike pack here. it’s 100 miles from my front door. But then I read about how they close the gate for the winter and what happens if I run into snow? No way I’d walk 8 miles after a 80 mile ride.

Well there was no locked gate and I was able to drive all the way the cabin. So I did two rides from here.

I sit here writing this blog. The stove is going and it’s warm. It’s too early to go to bed. And now the blog is done. Now what? Guees i will have to get up tomorrow and do some more adventure.

In the Shadows of Washburn

One of our biggest so called adventures of Yellowstone was the Washburn hike. Surely not a extreme adventure it was a all day event that after 14 miles left us wanting to “be done” and just go home and crash on the porch. We left a car on top of Washburn and traversed off the ridge to the East scampering down a steep slope to the meadows below. Once in the thicket of grizzly bear country we traversed over to the big canyon. Then to an awaiting beetle that would whisk us off to our cabin apartment. When one partner works in Bozeman and one in the park it is nice to squeeze out the small weekend adventure.

Trail Creek Expedition

It’s a new cabin to us. The trail Creek Cabin. We took the fatties. Almost took my 29er because I figured it would be dry or a little mud. But good thing we brought the fat meat because it was packed ice and snow turning to slush. Really it was like your average snow bike ride, riding most of the time, pushing the other. Was a good time. Its been awhile since we’ve been doing the cabin adventure thing so it was nice.