Dunraven PassI have posted many a blog post about my so called “quick and dirty” efforts. There was the 2005 post Fixing a Flat, another reference in Back From Squaw, a “quick and dirty” post about Lightening Your Bike in 2007, a remembrance of a friend in MoZ Sunset in 2010, a visit to Missoula in 2012 prompted Good Enough, a Quick and Slushy in 2012 as well, and a Quick and Dirty Climb earlier this year.

Wow, that is a lot of references. but is it? 2005 was a long time ago. So why am I still doing the “Quick and Dirty”. Like last night when I waited until an hour before bed to get out and exercise. Or earlier this month when I did a last minute climb up Dunraven Pass. Maybe I will write up an entire training plan consisting of just quick and dirties.

Lower Falls Morning

I just woke up. The sun is not up yet, and it’s quite nipper out. It’s bill time. I jump on my bike, ride down to the north rim, and lock it up to the guardrail at the Red Rock Point trail head.

I brought my camera because it’s kinda going to be overcast and I am thinking that I can take a couple stream shots along the way.

The hike starts out down the usual Y.N.P. Canyon descent on a slightly paved crumbling walk way. You follow a stream down that’s cascading down the side of the canyon. Then you come upon some boards steps that go quickly down to a big red rock. And it is here where you stand on a big cement pad with other Yellowstone National Park enthusiasts gawking at the lower falls.

But not this morning. I am up early and the crowds haven’t arrived yet. So I am alone and am able to actually observe more. More of the beauty. More of the sounds. More of the colors. I observe more of everything because of the absence of other human beings. And this is the essence of Bill Time.

Hiking the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

The South Rim Hike took us six and a half hours. Almost 14 miles is a big day at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. I post this gallery in memory of last weekend when we experienced a loss, a young child who wondered off the trail in the worst place and slid to her death. I can not imagine the loss to her family and community. And for me has affected my activities all week. I find myself staying up to watch videos of Robin Williams, another traveler who is now gone. So I post this reminder that the most rewarding experiences are the ones where you take chances. To step out of the “office” and experience the raw power of mother earth. A week of loss is a week to remember, to not forget, that life IS short.

North Cottenwood walkabout

I have had time to stew it over. Disgruntled because I didn’t get to do it this year. In any case my partner was around so we decided to hit up North Cottonwood. A trail that I haven’t done since the first time I attempted to do it. Way back when I first moved to Bozeman.

It was a great hike, one where we never a reached our destination. But that was okay. We turned around and walk back to the car. Its been awhile since we’ve been out so this is good. It is all good right?

But wait, how about what happened last weekend? Well something did happen last weekend, but this story is totally balls. Yeah sure, my partner and I went out for a hike on North Cottonwood. But that was about a month ago. No this is a fraudulent blog post. Was it wrong that I led you astray? That is all. As you were. At least the pictures are pretty, right?

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