Ogden Enduro Day 1

So I just turned 52 years old recently. So on my birthday I was presented with the opportunity have a fantasy trip of my dreams. Well, considering I live in Bozeman and don’t know anything but shitty winter weather. Ugh, as I write this a cold 40 degree rain is slithering its way to the ground outside my window. Back to the story.

Anyway I want to ride my bike in spring-like conditions. Snuggles was headed down to Ogden to see friends so I tagged along. I decided to set off on a three-day Enduro that I like to call the Ogden Enduro Series. Three days of just me and my bike and the Sun and all the terrain I could endure.

The Knob Trail
First day in Ogden

Day one was an intro to the area. I set off in the afternoon for two stages to enjoy the trails around our friends house. The first test would be what the locals call Prospects. It’s a gnarly 2.4 mile climb and 1100 feet of climbing from home base. The Descent was fast and loose and had lots of drifting. Oh the new tires certainly hooked up like a dream.

Did I mention the new tires I was riding with? They are Terrine Chunks. A 3″ in tire that has the most aggressive knobs I’ve ever seen. And the excitement was so high on the first day just to try these new beasts out. For those that care they seem to roll well … but on the way down they gripped everything like greedy hands dipping into the candy bowl at work.

Canal Road
Looking down from the turn around

So back to Stage 1, a 1.5 mile bomb down a hill called Prospects which passed something called the Norman mine. I saw no signs, just was following the Trail Forks app. From there I wondered my way over to what is referred to as The Knob, a 1.6 mile climb with 571 feet of elevation gain.

Hanging Out
Cruzie taking a rest after climbing to the Knob

After taking a extended break overlooking Ogden Canyon and the valley I discovered that I had lost my reading glasses. Side note, yes, I took reading glasses so that I could read the Trailforks map. Yea, get over it. Couldn’t find them so F’it dude, let’s ride. I bombed down stage 2.

Black Line
At the Ogden bike park

Stage 2 was a 1.3 mile and 571 vertical feet of elevation loss that took me down to the bottom of the Ogden Bike Park. Ogden bike park this cool piece of land that has … oh I would guess about 4 to 5 runs. A couple black runs, a couple blue runs, maybe some green runs. Very cool.

Bonneville Shoreline Trail - Jump Off
Heading back after a short toot on day one in Ogden

After a nice spin back to base camp I got ready for Day 2. My day 2 would be an all day enduro adventure ride that would test my endurance which I hoped that I haven’t lost.  Maybe my skills too. And so stoked to test the new tires. And happy shutters to just be out in the sun. I am going to reunite with the dirt, and thumb my nose at winter. That’s all I could ask for my birthday, to just get away from old man winter. That creepy old man.

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