Riding Scared

Why ride around with enduro gear? Be enduro bra! A full-face helmet, pads, and body armor? Safety, that’s why. Scardy cats would ride around with full gear.

This bear is so enduro

And why do we rent or even own homes? House with a picket fence and a puppy bouncing around in the backyard? Well, why not get rid of our homes and go vagabond bra? Vagabond is not for scaredy cats. It really scares me to move out of our rental and out on the streets.

Snuggles sipping coffee

Security blankets or no security blankets? One is comfy and the other is scary. But the initial question is why do I go on rides with nothing but a pair of shorts and a roller derby lid? Not that there is anything wrong with derby. Is riding with Snuggles really that dangerous? Some say there is always a chance that I could fall off my bike and hit my head. Well … isn’t it also possible to be eaten by a grizzly bear? Hey living in the Park makes that a possibility. If I rode around totally safe I would probably not do it at all.

Dropping in

Being poor is also what scares me. Not being able to afford a new wheelset. Or be able to do Enduro races because they are too expensive. But do I really need STUFF? I don’t want to get too sketchy and not have the gear or good food. There has to be a line. Adventure on a bike is our life. Still … being poor will be scary.

History Rock Trail
Mo glides above Arrow Root

Quitting jobs and going with our passion is super scary. Seems like a no-brainer but it is so scary for me to quit working for others and contribute in another way.  I am 51 and been getting screwed for so long. It seems normal.

Moser Trail
Mo rocks the Arrow Leaf

So then why do I escape the safety nets every weekend? Well, I guess I really do like being scared a little. Racing Enduro … but with the proper gear.  Still scary though.  And adventuring into place that is nothing but unsafe. Leaving home and all our stuff. I guess we really don’t need a home or stuff. Every weekend we don’t have jobs. Maybe I can live without a job. Some will say you need a job to get money to buy a house and be able to eat. Really?



2 thoughts on “Riding Scared

  1. The plans are in place … long-term plans so I can pay off the student loan. That way we don’t have any bills over our heads. Plan to live for free for a year to pay them off. Then to save for a van. Two-year plan? We have to put this idea out there and make the movement. My ambition and stubbornness will take over and make it happen.

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