Brooks Lake Lodge

As I mentioned in a previous post this is our 5th time coming to the Togwotee Winter Classic. Traditionally we have just rushed back to work the morning after the race. 3 days and two nights max. We always wished that we could do this one ride up to Brooks Lake Lodge. So this year we took 4 days off. And boy what a diffrence a day makes. So much more relaxation and peace. Strike another against the 40 hour work week. Right?

So we woke when we wanted and didn’t rush anything; which was absolutely fantastic. We ended up first riding some snow shoe trails and then turned our wheels up the big climb to Brooks Lake. It was a hell of a climb but the views from our fatties were absolutely the most picturesque I think that I have ever done. There were crown-like cliffs and buttes surrounding us as we trudged up the trail. Mo remarked that it almost seemed like we were in Canada. When we got to the lodge we took some time and read about the history. There was this one story about a grizzly bear who broke a 30 pound trap and carried it away. Three fellas hunted it down and shot it … which wasn’t my favorite part. But they describe how 3 guys shot at it but only found one puncture. Everybody still claimed the victory. But oh well, we bombed back down the mountain.

The big surprise of the weekend was Dubois Wyoming. What a cool little town. I have never seen a town like it, except for where I grew up in Roundup. The Utah like cliffs that surrounded the town on the north side where cool to. At the top of one was a mountain bike park. For sure a diamond discovery. We will be back!

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