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The trip home

2012_07_03_jumbo 158

This is the last blog post in a series of three (1st one, 2nd one) about my weekend adventure I tagged as #H2H. The trip home from Toll Mountain cam later in the day, around 10 AM.  This was much earlier then the noon start I got when I traveled here. And I had a aggressive route planned. 

2012_07_03_jumbo 153

The plan was to ride dirt roads across the Valley to the Tobacco Root Range.  Then I was going to head straight over them through forest service access points and single track.  I was to cross two ranges with ungodly amounts of climbing.  I was prepared to hike my bike for hours up steep slops and bite my bars and decent into the Madison River Valley.  But a river thwarted my plans. Not because it was in the way but because the crossing decision was to find a bridge.  This bridge was way out of the way and as I approached it I realized that to start this mountain range crossing with route un confirmed was a risk and I had to be back to work on Tuesday.

2012_07_03_jumbo 092

I abandon the route for a later time and decided to return the way I came with options to o the Madison River Road (dirt instead of pavement). So a stop at Cardwell for a pint of ice cream was in order.  After a nice sit down planning session I set out to climb over the Tobacco Root Pass that three days earlier had almost killed me.

2012_07_03_jumbo 157

I was cautious and kept my desire to push a big ring at bay. I even stopped once to apply sun screen.  The sun was high and hot so I just pedaled and waited for the heat to raise my heart rate and feel the emending heat stroke take over.  But it didn’t and I topped out on the pass just flying.  It felt so easy … easy peasy.

2012_07_03_jumbo 155

And that is how I returned from #H2H the rest of the adventure was a matter of just pedaling and counting down the miles before I rolled into my apartment complex. Oh yea … and my plans to ride the Madison River Road you ask? Well a huge storm loomed, blew, and rained on me a bit so I stuck my nose to the pavement and out ran it home.  Had to skip another future endeavor.  Anyone coming along on #H2Hv2?

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